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Willie Traywick grew up in a small town in Wilsonville, Alabama. A town he referenced in his single, “Southern Sky”. Growing up there was always a guitar in the house and his dad would hound him about playing it. He always wanted him to take lessons but Willie was never interested. He spent his time at the local dirt track. When he got old enough, Willie started racing and from then on that was his thing. He loved the sport and spent most of his time there. Little did he know that his love had a mistress and she was that old guitar that sat in the closet for years just begging for attention. He taught himself to play and started playing around the house and then at bonfires. A year or two went by and he continued his interest in racing and was successful. He got hooked up with some great people and began to live out his dream of being a racecar driver. One night, those dreams shifted when he was called up on stage for a few songs. With some counseling from a well known artist, Willie devoted his time to growing his newly found interest in having a career in music. With hard work and determination, Traywick has since recorded in Nashville, played several shows at big venues, and has had radio play with his songs. He vowed that one day he would find his way back behind the wheel. Willie is now planning on racing full time and continuing his full time career as a touring/recording artist. 

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